We belong to the era where if we have a question, we post on the Google search bar. Google and other search engines show us results that match our query closely. How do these search engines find answers to everything we ask? It’s because these search engines like Google and Bing crawl through the content on the webpage and matches our query.

Similarly, if you want to be shown as one of the top results by search engines, then all you need to do is constantly develop the content which is search engine optimized. Any number of web pages on your website should be keyword optimized. Meaning, the commonly used search terms should be present on your webpage for search engines to crawl and show up your webpage as a result.

  • Content Optimization via Keywords: Basically, if I own an ice cream parlor in Canada. I take online orders and deliver ice cream to the individual’s doorstep. So, if I want to reach my audience, I should use keywords like:
  1. Ice cream shop near me
  2. Ice cream home delivery
  3. Make my own ice cream
  4. Ice cream parlors
  5. Flavored ice creams

These are the basic keywords for your website to show up based on location targeting. Similarly, if you have a mobile application, and a website application that helps users to prepare their ice-cream on the app choosing their favorite toppings and getting it delivered at your place. How cool is that? Yes, to do this, you need to constantly work on your website and add all the possible keywords relating to ice cream, desserts, ice cream toppings, ice cream flavors and a lot more. This is one thing.

  • The concept of Backlinks: The other thing that a website owner or a mobile application owner should focus on is – Backlinks. What are backlinks? It is basically linking a part of your content to other content for improving the ranking of your websites. Do not overdo this, using the right backlinks can only help you fetch the right output in the longer run.

Image Optimization: Yes, we add many of images on our webpages to do the talking sometimes. To have the right image placed with the right Alt tag and Alt title, then this can help one in being found via search engines.

  • The Necessity of Mobile responsiveness: As the smartphone market is outgrowing every second, likewise the SEO is also moving along with the change. Search engines have added an algorithm to show mobile responsive web pages when a user looks for something. If your web page is not mobile responsive, then you might lose out on almost 70-80% of users who do their searches using their smartphone.

So, take small steps in tweaking your content with search times that are likely to be used by your customers and try to include them in your website’s content along with other similar keywords. Then move to shifting your website to a mobile responsive website that ease-up the search, followed by backlinking your content and phasing out further content strategy ideas for other channels that help in search engine too!




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