Is E-mail marketing the next big thing?

Tired of sending emails and no output received? Well, is your email marketing strategy drawn rightly? Email is the next big thing! Emails are being sent for years and years now. Every day we see our inboxes are filled with many e-mails. But some emails attract the user’s attention and generates a revenue too. How does that happen? Let’s learn the best practices to ensure that your email cracks it!

Communication and Design: Do not make your e-mail content boring. The best performing e-mail is that which talks to your audience. Try to have a conversational tone in your e-mail. Create a problem/need and give them the solution through your services. At the end, after scrolling through your entire email, you want the viewer to take action for the service you provide.

When we get emails from e-commerce sites like,, – we see that they show us many categories to pick from. Basically, they shoot out that email to their overall database and they want to make sure they tap upon every user’s need. Be it menswear or makeup products, they do not want to miss out on any category they cater to. But, is this the right thing to do?

Apparently not. Many users do not open their emails because they do not attract them. On opening and seeing the email, the emails should be appealing visually too. When a user sees a lot of images of a different category on the email, it might probably confuse the user and he will end up dropping off. The email is one touch-point with our customer that should be communicative yet personal. We should focus on communicating the purpose in the first scroll of the email (be it the header or after the header). The email design should be clean with minimalistic images and core content.

To have a look at good email templates: Subscribe to a few brands and learn how every brand tries to connect with you through their different email communication. To also see different type of good email templates, refer to this site: They have a huge collection of email designs to refer to and adapt.

Mobile Responsive Templates: Today everybody is in the mobile world. Be it business decisions or personal decisions, the action is just a mobile away. Any email that you shoot out to your audience make sure you test and retest until the email design adapts smoothly to the mobile screen. Every email that you send out should be mobile responsive. Researchers have pointed out that more emails are opened on mobile devices compared to desktops. So, if your email design is not mobile responsive then, your product dies off there.

Email Marketing Tool: Do not send emails through your personal email id’s to your target audience. This practice is not appreciated. The best way to win your user’s heart is to reach them the right way. Go on and board in for a great email marketing tool and start shooting your campaigns through them. Exercise in understanding your email marketing objective.

Because email is one cluttered space. To ring the bell on the right door, will need a pass through big queues. So, once you are all set with the objective, funnel down the top players in the market like Netcore Solutions, Experian, icubes, Mailchimp and much more. Also, set your budget for emails.

Though we all know email marketing is not very expensive, but it is bound to the number of mass emails a brand wishes to send. The bigger the database, the lower is the price. Also, understand that what measure do you want to set your budgets on: is it Cost per delivery, cost per opens, cost per conversions. The tougher the action, the higher the price. So, do not take emails as an easy business. Plan it out → choose the right vendor → have the right domain → constant white listing of your domain name and database → And here you win big results!!

Domain name, Database, Avoidable Keywords and Unsubscribe: Every brand that sends an email chooses to pick their domain name. For Eg: Ola or Ola Cabs. It is a good thing to also choose a proper sender ID, such as no or, choose your domain name and make sure you practice the art of white-listing your domain name with your email marketing tool. This ensures that your email doesn’t reach your user’s spam inbox.

Database white-listing is also a must practice because your data might carry irrelevant or inactive users that might increase your bounce rates. So, master the practice of examining your data time to time.

Any email that you send out, must carry the unsubscribe link too. This is the best practice. If your email doesn’t carry the unsubscribe link, google reads it as a forced email and automatically chooses to spam it if done repeatedly. And remember to never bother the users who opted to unsubscribe from your emails.

How your email should look before open.

Subject line and Link Building: Your email subject line, preheader or email copy should be crisp and not oversell the offer. Terms like FREE, SALE SALE, OFFER, DISCOUNTS, and many such words are good if ignored. If used a lot many times in your campaign might knock the spam box again. Try using smart and crisp subject lines. Try using emoji’s in your subject lines and see if it performs well for your brand. As fashion brands use them to great excitement about their offers.

For Eg: If your email is talking about Summer clothing, use subject lines that create an interest in the user’s eyes to open and read through your email.
Subject line: We know how to help you this Summer!
Preheader: From 1000+ styles, pick your summer wear here from our site and save more.
Note: Preheader is the part followed after the Subject lines. Many brands who do not mention the pre-header, then the tool copies the content from the copy of the email or the unsubscribe content is auto picked. It is a good practice to have a pre-header, the preheader can be continuous of your subject line or a gist of your email.

Understand that every email that you send must carry the right links. It is a good practice to add UTM parameters to your links to track them on Google Analytics. Make sure your Logo, website link, App links, Social links and the most important “CALL-TO-ACTION” links should be rightly added. Test every link and then shoot it to your audience.

What an email should contain?

So, here you go! You are all set to run your email campaigns successfully when you have a great copy, mobile responsive design, a good tool and a smart subject line. Start measuring your success campaigns through emails going forward now.


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